Welcome to the Center for the Study of School Climate

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The Center for the Study of School Climate is organized to pursue a practical research agenda that will assist school and community leaders to improve the learning climate for which they are responsible. In an effort to establish more complete and valuable information to impact school climate-related policies, programs, and practices, the Center for the Study of School Climate will operate from a multi-disciplinary platform and facilitate the building of bridges between the research community, practitioners, and policy makers. The mission of the Center for the Study of School Climate is to produce and disseminate research and programs that will assist practitioners, policymakers and stakeholders in the creation of positive school climates for academic and social achievement in this nation's schools. The Center for the Study of School Climate has a threefold approach to accomplish this mission. First, the Center serves to generate research literature and resources on issues related to school climate and provide direct information services for public use and accessibility. Second, the Center offers technical assistance for the development and implementation of school climate improvement programs. Third, the Center maintains a basic research component through data analysis and other projects on the impact of school climate on academic achievement and the effectiveness of intervention programs.


What is School Climate?

School Climate is the learning environment created through the interaction of human relationships, physical setting and psychological atmosphere. (Perkins, 2006)

Why is school climate important?

Perceptions about school climate impact teacher morale and student achievement. Positive school climate benefits students, teachers, and staff. Teachers are motivated to teach, students are motivated to learn (Bulach, 1994).